Greif Produktion has  built a strong and extensive network within the international film and TV market thanks to its founders’ longstanding experience.





For the last 24 years, Gianluca has worked in the independent film industry as both a feature film producer and TV producer. He earn a BBA at AIU and and studies in Film and TV Production at UCLA in Los Angeles. He started his career as an assistant of producer Scott Rudin at Paramount and then with Gianni Nunnari at Cecchi Gori Pictures. In 2000, he founded Luminex Films to produce Hotel California, Elevetor Story and several feature documentaries. This experience led him to consultant on dozens of international co-productions between the USA and Europe. Over a decade in the US he moved to London working in film finance, until he relocated in Italy as a funding partner of Greif Produktion.








Coming from a French family, devoted to film production and distribution he moved to Canada in 1971 to found ACLF and later Filmaccord to produce dozens movies financed through Canadian tax incentives. In the late 70's Jean transferred his business in Los Angeles and became Chairman of AMLF International. He has been in charge of developing projects (through Allied Filmmakers, co-owned by Jake Eberts) acquiring rights, financing and co-producing such movies as: Out of the Blue (Denis Hopper, Official Competition at Cannes 1980) Outsiders, Rumble Fish (Francis Ford Coppola), Year of the Dragon (Michael Cimino), Prizzi's Honour (John Huston), The Mission (Roland Joffè, Palme d'Or Cannes 1986). It was during these years that AMLF became the most powerful company in the French movie business, distributing about 35 movies per year and became founding member of the American Film Market (AFM). In 1992 he sold AMLF to the Pathé Group and moved back to Europe to produce such films as: Greencard (Peter Weir) 2 Golden Globes, Orlando (Sally Potter) 2 Oscars, 2 European Oscars, Friends (Elaine Proctor), Official Competition Cannes 1993, Camera d'Or, Revelation, Ce Que Femme Veut, Le Roi de Paris, All Men are Mortal. In 2013 he founded Greif Produktion to produce Urban Sax, Viking on the Croisette and Abbi Fede.