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Greif Produktion Srl

Via Cassa di Risparmio, 5 

39100 Bolzano, Italy

Via Buccari, 16

00195 Roma, Italy 

+39 0471-973968

In general, Greif Produktion Srl cannot accept unsolicited material. Documents will be returned unread.
Should you nevertheless submit unsolicited material, you acknowledge that you have read our aforementioned submission guidelines, understand and agree that the submission will not create any obligation for our company towards you or the submission itself and that you have no claim based on the submission.
As a precaution, we would like to point out that our company is constantly working with a large number of different scripts, further developing some of them and possibly filming several of them. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that - even if we do not know the content of the script you sent us, because we have not read it - future productions may have similarities to the script you sent us. Regardless of the copyright protection of the story you sent us or similar elements in future productions, our company shall not be held liable in such a case.

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