Director: Ernst Gossner

Story: High in the Alps, a group of climbers are trapped beneath their lodge after a massive avalanche where their only hope of escape is through ice caves and long abandoned tunnels from World War I. As they descend deeper into the mountain, the greatest threat to their survival becomes the darkness, each other and an old curse newly unleashed that could destroy them all.


Directors:  David Rühm



Director:  Dario Cioni

Story: For the past 50 years, Danish actor / distributor / producer Lars Bloch has been dealing with movies. At the Cannes Film Festival we follow him as he meets with distributors, producers, directors and actors – giving the viewer an inside look at the secrets of the movie business.


Directors:  Dario Cioni

Story: Madness and death come to a hilltop village in Northern Italy. The news of this horror, believed to be the work of the devil, is relayed to the Vatican and CIA to solve the problem before it goes public.

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