Director: Giorgio Pasotti

Screenwriters: Federico Baccomo, Giorgio Pasotti 

Genre: Feature film 

Producers:  Gianluca Lazzaroni, Jean Gontier, Gianluca Cannizzo, Heinz Stussak

Co-production: Sigma Film, Cannizzo Produzioni, Cineworld

RAI Cinema, ORF, IDM Sudtirol-Alto Adige, OFI Austrian Film institute


Story: A clumsy and violent criminal is sentenced to community service at a church situated in a remote area of the Italian alps with a blindly devotional priest.



Director:  Dario Cioni

Screenwriter:  Sam Arkand

Genre: Feature Documentary

Producers:  Jean Gontier, Gianluca Lazzaroni, Dario Cioni, Lars Bloch

Co-production: Greif Produktion, Emc Productions

Cast: Alejandro Jodowrosky, Pierre Spengler, Bobby Myers, Peter Aalabek Jensen, Bill Kong, Michael Ryan.


Story: For the past 50 years, Danish actor / distributor / producer Lars Bloch has been dealing with movies. At the Cannes Film Festival we follow him as he meets with distributors, producers, directors and actors – giving the viewer an inside look at the secrets of the movie business.


Directors: Ernst Gossner

Screenwriter: Ernst Gossner

Genre:  Drama, Feature Film  

Producers: Heinz Stussak, Ernst Gossner

Co-Producers: Gianluca  Lazzaroni , Jean gontier

Production: Sigma Film (AT) Vent Productions (US)

Co-production: Greif Produktion (IT)

Logline: SNOWFIRE tells the story of two young people whose paths occasionally and accidently cross. They are meant for each other, but it never happens, until they catch the same ski train, which drives through a 4 km tunnel to a glacier. When the train stops in the middle of the tunnel, catches fire and bursts into a deadly inferno, the two finally come together, but only one survives. The story is based on the Kaprun disaster in Austria on 11th November 2000, when a burning heating fan led to the death of 155 people.


Directors:  Dario Cioni

Screenwriter:  Robert Brodie Booth, Dario Cioni, Lorenzo Bartoli

Producers: Gianluca Lazzaroni,  Jean Gontier

Associate producer: Lars Bloch

Genre:  Supernatural Thriller

Co-production: Luminex Films, Greif Produktion, Emc Productions


Logline: Madness and death come to a hilltop village in Northern Italy. The news of this horror, believed to be the work of the devil, is relayed to the Vatican and CIA to solve the problem before it goes public.

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