Production Service

Greif Produktion provides full production services in Italy and South Tirol / Alto Adige.

1. Determine what is best for you, using Greif as:

- a co-producer of the film

- a co-producer with Italian Nationality status

- a production service provider


2. Scout out shooting locations and determine what can be filmed at home and what can be filmed in ST/AA.


3. Connect you with our special French and German-speaking partners in South Tyrol, Trentino (Italy) France and  Tyrol (Austria).


4. Carefully select natural, existing sets and interiors.


5. Take care of all legal obligations, secure shooting permits, act as a tax representative for reimbursement of VAT, represent you when applying for public incentives, funding.


6. Act as a supplier (or negotiate on your behalf with others, regarding your needs) to make all production facilities available to you -- from pre-production through to post-production – including: production management, sets, locations, wardrobe, camera, sound and lighting equipment, to name just a few.


Please don't hesitate to contact us.

 Filming in Italy – Tax Credit and Local Film Funds