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Production Services 


Greif Production is an independent production company that provides its services to international projects. Its team is able to accompany any foreign producer in the process of obtaining the maximum benefit to which they are entitled, from the beginning of preparation onwards.



Our Services


TAX CREDIT: we implement and monetise the Italian tax credit for international film and television productions and take care of all application procedures, cultural eligibility tests, financial reporting and accounting.


BUDGETING AND PRODUCTION PLANNING: send us a script or an idea and we will quickly produce a budget. Whether it is a high budget or a very low budget, the process is the same and we work hard to make it work for the right price.


LOCATION SCOUTING: We have a location scouting service throughout Italy and access to huge photo reference libraries. Location options can be provided quickly. We offer the highest quality support for all types of productions throughout Italy.


CINEMA PERMITS: We have shot all over Italy and have excellent relationships with film commissions and local permit offices.


CREW: The Italian crews are first-rate and have great experience with international productions. Italian cinematographers, production designers and costume designers are respected worldwide for their excellence. With a great selection of film professionals and an experienced production team, we bring together all the necessary skills to achieve great creative results.


PRODUCTION INCENTIVES: A complete and up-to-date overview of production incentives available at national and regional level for filming in Italy, with details on funding amounts, maximum contribution limits and application deadlines.

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